"I believe what I’m trying to say, your Highness… is that you appear to be a natural."

captain swan + kisses

You traded your ship for me? Aye.

It wasn’t just the kissing. It was the way he grabbed her arm while she was running toward the barn. It was the way he moved her aside to hide from the carriage. The way he put her hood on for her. The way they held on tight to each other while dancing. The way he held her when they thought Snow was dying. The way he wiped the tears away from her face when she was down. The way she touched his shoulder in the diner after they kissed.

Jmo was right: Y o u   d o n ’ t   h a v e  t o   k i s s   t o   b e  i n t i m a t e. (x)

"So, you know who I am and you haven’t even told me your name."

Captain Swan in S03E21 : Season finale.